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Alexi Skriapas

Owner/Head Brewer

“If you give me a set of directions, I will be sure not to follow them”    -Alexi Skriapas


Katie DiMatteo

Taproom Manager/Admin.

I came to Core 3 with the intent of laying low, pouring some beer and enjoying adult conversations. Clearly I couldn’t resist getting more involved…an amazing location, relaxing atmosphere and clean crisp product…who could say no!

In turn my world has opened up in ways I never imagined. New opportunities have arisen as well as igniting a spark for ventures from beyond the bar to behind the kettle. I now dabble in brewing with the guidance of Lex. With his help, I have two brews under my belt that I’m so proud of Kate’s Kiss & Lady Lorna of Doone!

I work hand in hand with our amazing staff who’s views align perfectly with the vision of the brewery. We all take pride in providing top notch customer service and making you feel and your party feel comfortable and welcome.

When I’m not at the brewery, I’m with my two biggest blessings Billy & Adelina or in the garden.

Life is crazy, but I’m grateful for this journey and the people I get to meet along the way.


Steph Stevenson

Head of Sales/Distro

After years of working in Philadelphia as a graphic artist and screen-printer, I found myself needing a change of pace and scenery.

When Covid hit in 2020 I had a moment of reflection and realized it was time for that change. Core 3 took me in and I quickly realized it would become more than just a job – it was right where I belong! 

I wear many hats with Core 3. Of course, I still get to pursue my artistic passion designing beer can labels, graphics, and much more! My affection for the brand very quickly led me to take on the role as head of sales and distribution too. When I’m not designing or spreading our brand, you can find me pouring behind the bar on some nights as well.

I am extremely lucky to surround myself with such amazing people and couldn’t ask for a better workplace!


Danielle Taylor


Hi, my name is Danielle or as most of you know me by Dani!  I have been a part of the Core3 team since the second week we opened in 2019.  I've always had a love for craft beer and jumped on the chance to be a part of the team.  Through the last 4 years, my knowledge and love for the industry has grown extensively.  Every time I'm behind the bar, I get the chance to educate someone, meet people from across the world, or just be a smiling face at your favorite local spot.

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